Pregnancy should be a wonderful experience, so why are 75% of mom-to-be's suffering in pain? While the U.S. struggles to do better at taking care of Mommies, chiropractors can help in a BIG way! When a woman is pregnant, her center of gravity changes. The extra weight of the baby causes a protruding abdomen and therefore makes the curvature of the lower spine more extreme. Changes to the spine and pelvis occur throughout the pregnancy in preparation for birth.
Seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy can help correct these problems and provides a safe, effective, drug-free way to manage any of the pain and discomfort that comes along.
A pelvis that is out of alignment can restrict the much needed growing room for baby...and I thought my apartment was small!
It can also force the baby to adjust into less than ideal positions during labor, which could lead to alternative, or emergency birth plans.
The benefits of seeing a chiropractor regularly during pregnancy are changing the labor game.
First time mothers experienced a 24% decreased labor time if they were seeing a chiropractor regularly during pregnancy (Thats a decrease equivalent from 14 hours down to 8-9 hours!).
Second time mothers saw labor decrease by 39% (9-10 hours down to 4-5 hours).
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For more information about the benefits of chiropractic and pregnancy, check out this article from the American Pregnancy Association.
Did you know: Dr. Lichy wrote his thesis on pregnancy and chiropractic. There is, truly, no one better to take care of you and baby!