It's "Back" To School!

Ahhhhh, it's back to school season! The smell of newly sharpened pencils, the crisp fall air, the hunch of children with backpacks twice the size of their bodies...

Backpacks make things simple, but the weight makes the spine lean backwards, so you might find yourself leaning forward to over compensate (or keep from falling over). A 10 pound backpack is equivalent to 70 pounds of force on the spine! And if you're walking to school, up hill both ways, that's 120 pounds of force on the spine.

Think of the children!

And it's not just kids, New York's corporate elite are changing their ways as well. The days of having a briefcase as a corporate "status symbol" are over.
See why here.

Even purses are becoming a thing of the past among modern Manhattan ladies. More women are enjoying the extra space and freedom of carrying a backpack.

But what does this mean for your spine? The vertebras between your spine act as natural shock absorbers. Too much pressure compresses those little guys and forces the spine into un-natural positions.

While it might be easier to schlep all your belongings, remember these key tricks...

*Try not to overfill your bag. If you can't help but bring that extra book, try to take breaks so you're not wearing it for a long period of time.

*Wear both straps. We know you're super cool, but your back won't be if you keep your backpack slung over one shoulder.

*Pay attention to your straps. Make sure they're thick and not digging into your shoulders. This can cause nerve pinching and tingling. Heavy packs can even encourage shoulder slouching.

Dr. Lichy sees patients of all ages. If you have a child, bring them to your next visit! Let's make sure the pressure of the school year doesn't put un-needed pressure on their spine!


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