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Isaac Lichy, DC

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As a top-ranked chiropractor in New York City, Dr. Lichy helps patients on Manhattan's Upper East Side improve their muscle mass and bone mass, heal faster and prevent future injuries and pain with the T-Zone whole body vibration system, designed to engage muscles without intense exercise.

T-Zone Whole Body Vibration Q&A

What is T-Zone whole body vibration?

Whole body vibration is a type of passive exercise that uses rapid vibrations to trigger musculoskeletal responses that can help tone and strengthen muscles and increase bone mass. The T-Zone system combines vibrations with a gentle rocking movement that engages muscles used in walking, balancing and coordination.

How does the T-Zone system work?

As the body senses the vibrations and motions of the T-Zone system, it responds by stimulating muscles to help maintain balance, causing as many as 16 contraction-relaxation cycles each second. Unlike other whole body vibration systems, the T-Zone uses a natural sliding or rocking motion to imitate the motions used in walking to help maximize benefits while minimizing the discomfort that can occur with other systems.

What are the potential benefits of T-Zone?

T-Zone whole body vibration offers a wide array of benefits for all types of patients, including athletes, non-athletes, younger and older patients. Benefits include:

  • increased muscle tone

  • increased strength

  • increased bone mass

  • increased stability and endurance

  • improved athletic ability

T-Zone can be used following an injury to improve healing or as “regular” therapy to prevent injury and help tone and strengthen muscles and bones, especially in people who tend to lead sedentary lives. It can also be used to support a healthy cardiovascular system and to restore functionality impaired due to disease or injury, and it's ideal for patients who can't tolerate intense exercise.

How often will I need to use T-Zone to experience the benefits?

Since every patient has different health and wellness needs, the frequency of treatment with the T-Zone system will vary. Dr. Lichy will help you establish an ideal routine for your needs based on a physical evaluation and a complete review of your medical history and your symptoms so you can experience optimal results.

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